About Angus Valley Residence


Angus Valley Residence is a personal care home in our home. We only take two residents. The information below is from TORCH

What is a Personal Care Home?

Personal Care, Residential Care and Assisted Living all offer a more home-like setting than Nursing Homes. They typically provide meals, laundry, housekeeping, medication supervision, assistance with activities of daily living (for most types) and an activity program. Other amenities such as transportation may also be offered in some facilities. These homes foster a sense of independence and are the perfect alternative for elderly or those with mental or physical disabilities.

Across the country they are called by a variety of different names, including care homes, residential care homes and personal care homes. But they all provide a very basic and needed service: care for seniors in a home-like setting.


Personal Care Homes are defined as homes with three residents that are unrelated and does not have to meet any licensing requirements from Department of Aging and Disability Services(DADS).


Member of TORCH Texas Orginization of Residential Care Homes